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jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Mon Mar 15 20:36:02 PST 2004

JR says:

> I still can't figure out where the "job debacle" is in all this; the
> situation is better than I expected.

And that is what is absolutely, phenomenally, truly astonishing about 
all of this.  Despite being clearly stated in the originally forwarded 
links, and despite having explicitly pointed this out to you after the 
fact, you still have NO IDEA what it is that you're refuting!

The "debacle" in question, quite clearly, has nothing to do with any 
qualitative or quantitative assessment of the overall picture.  It 
instead is in reference to the discrepancy between the administration's 
absolute job creation forecasts circa 2002, 2003, and 2004 relative to 
actual gains --- and what that discrepancy, relative to job creation in 
other post-recessionary periods in history, says about the reality of a 
"job recovery."  Which if you had any clue whatsoever about what you're 
attempting to "refute" --- you would've recognized.  Hell, if you even 
bothered to read before you attempted to refute, you would've 
recognized that the story's not raw number, it's raw number relative to 
forecast.  THAT was the news, Brainiac!

Thanks to RST.  I believe he put it quite well:

> In the future, you might want to point out the discrepancies
> explicitly, with direct quotes from both sources.  It's not that hard,
> and it's a lot more informative for your readers.


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