[FoRK] The United States of Portland

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue Mar 16 00:54:46 PST 2004

Tom wrote:
> SF went down, NY went down, all the rest down down down but Portland OR is
> THE place in the US where you can get a license to marry regardless of the
> gender of the participants.

Just out of curiosity, would anyone care to comment on or hypothesize on 
the legal status of a married couple in which one of the partners has a 
'gender reassignment' operation? If they are still a legally married 
couple, then it would logically follow that the state can no more 
legislate on the legality of same sex marriages than they can on the 
legal status of someones sex. In other words, by legally recognizing 
someone who has a sex change as the opposite sex it would seem that the 
state has to recognize same sex marriages as well.

Just a thought,

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