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jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Tue Mar 16 06:43:44 PST 2004

Just for the sake of closure, JR, wanted to make sure you got the point.

The original article you took issue with made essentially the following 

	* call the jobs forecasts X
	* call actual job creation Y
	* Y < X

In order to refute this, you could've taken several tacks.  You 
could've claimed that the actual jobs forecasts were X', X' != X.  You 
did not do this, indeed, you never once mentioned the forecasts.  You 
could've claimed that the BLS data supported the idea that actual job 
creation was Y', Y' != Y.  You also did not do this --- and furthermore 
the BLS data (which, yes, I did spot check when you posted it relative 
to the numbers in the graphic in the original post) supports the 
original values claimed for Y.

Net-net, you started to "argue" with the original article w/o actually 
taking issue with --- or refuting --- any of its assertions.  From 
that, one of several things must be assumed to be true:  (1)  you did 
not read the original article, so you really had no idea what you were 
arguing for or against.  (2)  You read the original article but did not 
bother to check it against the data you pointed us at, which indeed 
supports rather than refutes the original article --- possibly because 
you didn't really have any insight into the data you pointed us at --- 
at all.  (3)  You're just an innumerate tard.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it appears that either (1) or (2) 
is most likely.  In any case, no more arguments from authority for you, 

Thanks for playing.


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