[FoRK] Ugh. "Don't Feed The Terrorists!"

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Tue Mar 16 10:55:35 PST 2004

jbone at place.org wrote:
> Better to give them a seat at the table directly than to let their 
> asymmetric force-projection experiments bear fruit indirectly, agreed.  
> Particularly in the case when it's unlikely that you can surgically 
> remove them entirely, or when their removal will simply breed more 
> terrorists in an endless vicious cycle.  Mainstream 'em and solve the 
> problem.

I think that's what the US tried to do with the Taliban--surgically
remove Al Qaeda.  Before 9-11, they gave them a seat at the table
and all the appropriate carrots and sticks to extricate them from
Al Qaeda.  These negotiations broke down after 16-18 months ending
in the US's complete disgust for that regime intent on protecting them.


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