[FoRK] Civ III

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue Mar 16 11:27:17 PST 2004

> And CivIII is a great game, one that I wished I had more time to play.
> When I do have some time I like playing Freeciv and other microgames.

Agreed. Also agree that it's very addictive -- I keep wondering when someone is going to do their PhD dissertation on addictive user interfaces/experiences.

The only remarkable thing about Greg's log times is that they're so low. I usually can't play for anything less than 3 hours at a strech. I typically play until I hit physical body limits. As a result, I only play when I'm not at home, or have the house to myself. Civ II/III & SMAC are pretty much the only games I've ever found to be this engrossing (except maybe Ultima II, on the Apple ][) I haven't tried FreeCiv, am somewhat concerned about the effects of playing against real opponents.

- Jim

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