[FoRK] Active Noise Suppression for PCs

Steve Nordquist signa at birch.net
Wed Mar 17 00:05:50 PST 2004

Gordon Mohr wrote:
> About 3 years ago I wondered to fork...
>  > OK, why can't PCs use active noise suppression -- the
>  > generation of matched anti-noise -- for masking the
>  > annoying whirrs of fans and hard-drives?

...because slashcode 3.2 has procedural quoting, and is suitable...eh?
The log from here:

0- Everyone's going to 2MHz PWM supplies anymore, and the
    change at the fan to ~28kHz soft-commutation switchers cuts
    the harmonic noise anyhow.  (Failing one of those, just
    use some sort of sturdy isolation mounting; the silicone mounts
    may or may not please you.)

0.1- Couldn't they have made $400 scanners in the form of 7Mpixel,
    USB2 or LVDS UW SCSI light-box cameras in the first place?
    No?  And because nobody buys a Kodak lens under $900? Hmph.

  -Seagate HDs are quiet; or install any modern HD on A/S mats.
     -You can't do that with blade computers.  Off to an isolated
       area with them and their many 2.5" drives!
  -Putting a cone of filtration foam over a HSF settles it plenty.
  -2-fan powersupplies that weigh #17 report to work great.  quietly.  TBA.
  -suspending the HD (optionally in a $30 Zalman heatpipe
   carriage) is enough.  New cases offer 100% 5.25" bays to permit
   this w/o metal bending.
  -All is futile if any exhaust fan blows through anything other
   than a wire-hoop type fan bezel.  Max Payne logo also
   said to do well, but at that point one prefers using pneumatic
   jaws and a conformal coating on the precut grilles.
  -Adding mass to fan, expecting I2C fan control on single-CPU
   board makes one feel silly.
  -Giant sorbothane feet indeed less obtrusive than 8 tennisballs
    epozied under ea. boxen.  Minorly longer errand....
  -Tip-magnetic-driven fans are a few dB quieter, but the thrust
    bearing rattles a couple of days until it settles in.
  -If any more details become important, install batts of pearmoss
   around the case and get a fingerworks keyboard/mouse.

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