[FoRK] All The Rope II: Noose of Words

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Mar 17 10:46:14 PST 2004

Madeline Albright was interviewed last night.  She
said the same exact thing.  You think she was intending
to deceive too?  You keep harping on this by ignoring  an abundance
of historical fact.  Either the last 3 executive administrations
intended to deceive the american people or they didn't.  This
anti-bush filter you have creates a double standard and
hypocrisy.   The more you FoRK it, the more you just look
like some partisan hack hoping it's true. 

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	They sure talk purty...
	 From joho:
	While we're all enjoying the Rumsfeld stutter video, [1] here's a link 
	to Billmon's list of quotations out of which the Administration wants 
	to weasel.
	Posted by D. Weinberger at March 16, 2004 07:33 PM | TrackBack
	[2] http://billmon.org.v.sabren.com/archives/000172.html
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