[FoRK] All The Rope II: Noose of Words

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Mar 17 11:14:55 PST 2004

1) lying requires intent to deceive
2) Albright said that there was no doubt that Iraq had WMD before the invasion
    and that we only knew the intel was wrong after the invasion
3) Your hypocrisy is that when Bush I, and Clinton stated Iraq had
     WMD and that there should be regime change in Iraq, you only
     claim Bush II is lying even though he's saying the same exact thing.  
4) This is no less than the second dozenth time you've posted this stuff
    to FoRK.  
5) As always when pressed, you distance yourself from the content making
    yourself a cheap shot artist who lacks the skills to legitimately debate the issues. 
6) Don't project your ignorance on me. 

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	GB says:
	> Madeline Albright was interviewed last night.  She
	> said the same exact thing.  You think she was intending
	> to deceive too?  You keep harping on this by ignoring  an abundance
	> of historical fact.
	Let's be clear.  What do you think Madeline Albright said?  What is it
	that you read into my message that you think Madeline Albright's
	interview contradicts?  What historical facts do you think are being
	ignored either by me or by the author of the blog entry pointed to or
	by the page pointed to by that blog entry?
	> This anti-bush filter you have creates a double standard and
	> hypocrisy.   The more you FoRK it, the more you just look
	> like some partisan hack hoping it's true.
	Well, that might be true if my intent were to convince anyone of
	anything by posting these links.  Given --- as stated before ad nauseam
	--- that this is not the intent, the conclusion is non-sequiter.
	OTOH, Greg, the anti-anti-Bush filter you have (and actually do seem to
	have, given your perennial knee-jerks) indeed creates an impression of
	extreme partisan hackitude on your part.  Hear no evil...
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