[FoRK] Hangman II: Q&A

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Wed Mar 17 11:41:46 PST 2004

> 1) lying requires intent to deceive

Did I, in the message you were responding to, assert that these 
represented lies?  No.

Does it matter whether the "intent" was to deceive or whether we were 
just massively wrong?  No.

> 2) Albright said that there was no doubt that Iraq had WMD before the 
> invasion

Does it matter what *previous* administrations thought about all this?  

Does it matter what Albright thought about the situation immediately 
pre-Babylon '03?  No.

> 3) Your hypocrisy is that when Bush I, and Clinton stated Iraq had

Does Greg understand the definition of "hypocrisy?"  No.

(To dig in a bit on this:  Greg, those people did not take the action 
we took.  It is the decision to take action --- the overconfidence --- 
that is at issue. Holding someone that takes action on the basis of a 
belief to a higher standard than those who hold the same belief but 
take lesser or no action is not hypocrisy.)

( A further issue is the issue of context;  it's not static.  What was 
true (or believed to be true) at some point in the past is not 
necessarily true today nor does such previous information or belief 
justify its continuity into the present.  A good example of this is as 
follows:  it is absolutely certain that SH possessed certain WMDs in 
the past.  It is not a logical conclusion to assume that because that 
is true, he must therefore still possess those same WMDs.  However in 
many cases, we followed precisely that kind of faulty reasoning.)

> 5) As always when pressed, you distance yourself from the content 
> making yourself a cheap shot artist who lacks the skills to 
> legitimately debate the issues.

Is it my intent to debate this "issue" with you?  No.

> 6) Don't project your ignorance on me.

Am I projecting my ignorance on you?  No.

Are you projecting your mistaken belief about my intentions on me?  Yes.

Am I reflecting your lack of reading comprehension and communication 
skills back at you?  Yes.


I'm hopeful that we can take the meta-debate offline, Greg.  No 
particular point in further urination.


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