[FoRK] All The Rope II: Noose of Words

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Wed Mar 17 13:48:14 PST 2004

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

>I think the issue has to be precise.  Lying about what exactly?  The lying
>charge can be made that the Bush administration lied about the reasons
>why they went to war in Iraq.   I personally think they did the right
>thing for the wrong reasons.  When Jeff starts talking about
>they lied about whether or not Iraq had WMDs--as if they knew they
>didn't, well, even Hans Blix, Kofi Annan, and Jaques Chirac wouldn't
>even agree with that statement before the war.   It's not my intention
>to browbeat, I just cant' understand how someone can retroactively
>go back and re-assign maliscious intent to a policy that is indistinguishable
>from every other policy with the exception that it's being enacted by
>a new administration.  So, the big lie involved the complicity of Blix,
>Chirac, Annan, the UN, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., the entire US
>military, and the entire US intelligence?   It seems just a little 
>unbelievable to me.  
Its like a rapist's lament. If she really didn't want to be fucked, why 
didn't she fight back more? She must
have really wanted it.


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