[FoRK] All The Rope II: Noose of Words

Ian Andrew Bell fork at ianbell.com
Wed Mar 17 19:52:33 PST 2004

That may be true, Greg.  In 20 years we may look back on America's 
invasion of Iraq and realize that, since it allowed the Saudis to 
assert complete control over Iraq's oil supply and meter more stable 
growth in pricing for the world's oil, affording the Bush family and 
Halliburton investors greater wealth than could be conceived of.  We 
could look back and say that these back-room dealings were somehow 
beneficial to humanity, or at least to the United States.

But the small predicament Bush finds himself in is that he is the 
elected [sic] leader of a Democracy.  And as such, he does not have the 
constitutional right to declare war and go off appropriating funds to 
do crazy stuff like invade people.  This is why there is a congress and 
a senate.  So (and I hope you're following me here) sometimes The Right 
Thing is hard to convince people of, either because it's an unpopular 
idea or because it's a long-term vision with short-term drawbacks.

Let's argue for a second that it is better to burn hydrogen than fossil 
fuels.  We all know that.  I'm the President and the hydrogen guys have 
convinced me that there's going to be no more oil to burn in 15 years 
so we HAVE to ween the country off of oil.  This is a bitter pill to 
swallow, but the Hydrogen guys also tell me that it turns out that Oil 
is the cause of 80% of cancers in America, according to their research. 
  I realize as the President that OIL is killing hundreds of thousands 
of people yearly and I must act to stop it, plus I know that in the 
long term we'll all benefit.

So as President I go to the press, to the UN, to everyone who will 
listen and declare that OIL is the scourge of America and we must 
embark on a program to discontinue its consumption entirely.  It will 
cost hundreds of billions of dollars to eliminate OIL and replace it 
with other fuels but we must do it because it is the cause of every 
cancer in America.  I build consensus and the country endures great 
suffering, world markets enter chaos, and the country is in a prolonged 
recession.  But at the end of it, oil is gone and we're all better for 

Okay, so...

1)  I am the hero of my generation.  I rid the country of oil, which is 
really bad for lots of reasons, and now we're all zipping around in 
hydrogen cars and greenhouse gases are all but gone.

2)  I placed the nation in jeopardy for my cause.  The effort was 
painful and hurt the country badly in the global competitive arena.  
The dollar has shrunk and growth is slow.

3)  I lied.  I saw what I wanted to see, I embellished the story to 
suit my goals, and I lied.  Hero or not, I should be impeached, fined, 
jailed, whatever.  Though my intentions were noble I spat upon the 

BUSH II may have been right to go to Iraq (I don't personally think 
so).  The point is he lied to get Americans on board with the war.  HE 
LIED, and others in his non-elected cabinet were instructed to do so as 
well.  He is an elected official and should be held accountable.


On 17-Mar-04, at 1:35 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> I think the issue has to be precise.  Lying about what exactly?  The 
> lying
> charge can be made that the Bush administration lied about the reasons
> why they went to war in Iraq.   I personally think they did the right
> thing for the wrong reasons.

   detox your inbox.

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