[FoRK] All The Rope II: Noose of Words

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your statement assumes there was no cumulative effect of intel gathering,
either.  bush had the advantage of all previous intel to BUILD on; instead,
he used it for marketing.

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Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> [...] Either the last 3 executive administrations
> intended to deceive the american people or they didn't.

Only 3? Wow Greg, I'd like to give you a little more credit... Let's
see, I'd wager that every administration back to Kennedy has
intentionally manipulated and deceived the American public at some
point. In fact, if memory serves me, Eisenhower and Truman were both
involved in some pretty shady things too... At anyrate, it's only
recently (since Carter? Reagan?) that the 'fuck-it factor'* has reached
such an embarrasingly high level...


* The 'fuck-it factor' is a scale which measures the attrition rate of
even the most dedicated and well intentioned people involved in a given
endeavor. Applicable in a wide variety of situations, proper usage of
the expression often takes the form of "I meant to stay and work on the
problem until it was resolved, but the fuck-it factor got too high so I
went home and got drunk instead."

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