[FoRK] All The Rope II: Noose of Words

Dr. Robert J. Harley harley at argote.ch
Thu Mar 18 08:04:45 PST 2004

>What I've always argued is that Powell's speech to the UN was the best
>cumulation of intelligence at the time and the strongest case for war
>in Iraq.  You either believed it or you didn't. [...]

I did not believe the hype, but I expected Powell to come out with
some evidence, probably way insufficient to support the "threat"
assessment, but something tangible nevertheless, and I wondered how
far it would go.  Perhaps he might even have had a surprising
bombshell or two to drop.

I watched his presentation with my Dad... my jaw gradually dropped
lower and lower and when he was well into his insubstantial blathering
I said "They have nothing.  Absolutely nothing".

Amusingly, as previously FoRKed:
>Steve Allinson and a dozen other U.N. inspectors in Iraq also watched
>Powell's speech. "Various people would laugh at various times [during
>Powell's speech] because the information he was presenting was just,
>you know, didn't mean anything -- had no meaning," says Allinson.
>Pelley asks, "When the Secretary finished the speech, you and the
>other inspectors turned to each other and said what?"  Allinson
>responds, "'They have nothing.'"


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