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johnhall johnhall at isomedia.com
Thu Mar 18 18:58:13 PST 2004

> 	From: Stephen D. Williams

> 	I think they mainly pulled a Martha [auto-coined] and that's why
> people
> 	are unhappy.
> 	The Martha Tragedy [hereby coined] is that they could have gone
> after
> 	Libya with their accusations and they would have been spot on.
> 	just should have argued something differently, changed policy to
> through
> 	Sadam more firmly accross the line, whatever.  They could have
> 	said, this set are enemies who can no longer be tolerated unless
> they
> 	follow these steps on a fixed timetable (and Libya has now set
> 	apparently amazing prescedent that will likely affect everyone)
> then
> 	simply followed through with no further discussion.  Just make a
> 	decision and leave it at that.

It would not have worked.  There were a relatively large number of
reasons to take Saddam out.  Not everyone agreed on every reason, but
the largest common denominator was people pointing to WMD.

Even that simplifies things.  WMD alone is not and never was the reason
but rather a shorthand for:
O WMD possesion.
O Prior WMD use.
O Prior aggressive wars.
O Saddam being simultaneously irrational, stupid, and vicious.

Nobody has suggested we invade France, despite their possession of WMD.

Libya was known to be a problem (though not as big a problem as we
discovered) -- but Libya doesn't have Saddam's history.  Their leader
was known to respond to rational deterrence, at least after the United
States killed his adopted daughter.  [We missed him.  Barely.]

The NK haven't started a war in 50 years and they aren't quite as
irrational as Saddam.  They are also a tougher nut to crack.

It was the entire context, plus in the wake of 9/11 the US decided they
really wanted to eliminate strategic threats when they could.

> 	I don't see anything but briar
> 	patches / tar babies for the rest of the year.  (Does anyone
> think
> 	that 'tar babies' from Briar Rabbit is racially (in)sensitive?  

The story is often considered so, but has been traced to Senegal.
People disagree on whether that origin does indeed prohibit it from
being insensitive.  The origin does lead me not to care whether it is
considered insensitive or not.

> From: Gavin Thomas Nicol <gtn at rbii.com>
> Subject: [FoRK] Fwd: Vast Differences in Compensation.doc

Death benefits should be higher but not exorbitant.  9/11 victims got a
rich package that won't be duplicated again.

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