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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Mar 19 06:18:19 PST 2004

On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 08:46:53AM -0500, Luis Villa wrote:

> This is only true if they are dealing with systems which are 'mixed' or
> have lousy APIs. GNOME+ any UTF-8 based system works with no problems,
> both for users and developers. It's sort of cool to see all your asian

Well, yeah, the nonexec buffer protection better be good, then. I'm sure all
the simians worldwide we'll be using the same, stress-tested and
security-audited codebase, even though they've no idea they're processing
Unicode ("UTF-8? WTF is that? Oh, I'm soaking in it? Neat.").

> spam show up just fine in Evolution. ;)

Great, and no doubt it renders HTML as default, too. I notice that mutt + ssh
clients on several platforms can't handle umlauts, and latest MIME header
vulnerability has been fixed just a few weeks ago. 
> This is plenty true in technical situations, but it turns out there are
> 5-6 billion non-technical people out there, only a small fraction of

Kindly keep them out of the *nix command line, please. You're doing a good
job so far, so I'm not really complaining.

> whom speak English. I want my software (particularly my free software,
> which claims to be a right for /everyone/) to be usable by more than an

It's good your software claims to walk on water and raise the dead. Mine can
handle water, with some floatation devices, sometimes.

> odd technical minority, thanks.
> Have you ever actually spoken to English-'speakers' outside the US? 

I've never been to US, just California. Most people outside of it can handle
English, especially if they don't have to pronounce it.
> > I *could* handle plutonium. I'm pretty sure I can't handle Unicode. YMMV.
> You're less intelligent than I thought you were, then.

I'm pretty dumb, yeah. I'm not a programmer, though. I have enough practical
experience with computers, programmers and humanity in general that I'm not
giving them any lenght of rope voluntarily. Even less, sharp, pointy objects.

I'm sure your simians juggle lit dynamite sticks daily; I'm less impressed
how the average industrial programmer can and does handle it.

As I said, YMMV.

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