[FoRK] Slow grep

Aidan Kehoe kehoea at parhasard.net
Fri Mar 19 07:10:25 PST 2004

 Ar an 19ú lá de mí 3, scríobh Gavin Thomas Nicol :

 > FWIW. I can see the point in IRI and whatnot, and I still think you have
 > to design I18N into the system, BUT, as time goes by, I am less convinced
 > that fixing sendmail et al. is the best/only/right solution (and FWIW,
 > HTML forms are still messed up... let's fix them first, please!!!).

HTML forms can be made work here and now. If you serve your pages as UTF-8,
the data you get back will be URL-encoded UTF-8 in all the current major
browsers. It won't work in Netscape 4, but nothing will work in Netscape 4.

 > Most of the problems in the internet are caused by global namespaces.

Spam? DNS being trivially spoofable and insecure? Dumb client-server
architectures that don't take advantage of the information distribution
potential of peers? 

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