[FoRK] Re: All The Rope II: Noose of Words

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Sat Mar 20 12:59:39 PST 2004


> Jeff, you still never have read Powell's speech to the UN have you?


With some exasperation...

Why is it that you insist on assuming ignorance?  Even in my fondest ad 
hominem slugfests w/ you I assume, at worst, that you may have read but 
misunderstood or ignored certain pieces of information in order to 
maintain your systemic self-deception.  You bitch about cheap shots --- 
well, step up your game, boyo.

Of *course* I've read Powell's speech.  Indeed, I listened to it in its 
entirety on coverage on (CSPANx?) on or about Feb. 5th of last year, 
and have referred to it repeatedly during any of these conversations ad 
nauseam.  I'm not in the habit of taking positions on things when I 
haven't done the homework.  (Ahem.)

> What does Rumsfeld have to do with those intelligence estimates built
> up over 9 years?

You tell me, since you seem to think you're the expert on the topic.  
Seems perfectly clear to me, particularly in context.

And let me point out the hack Catskill's magician-quality misdirection 
you're engaging in, here.


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