[FoRK] ECU Upgrades

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Sat Mar 20 16:37:50 PST 2004

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

>50 Extra horsepower for $1000 just by changing the performance settings--no
>chip changes at all! [...]
Go Greg! Actually, I fully recommend chipping the beast, outright 
replacing the exhaust system, either getting a bigger turbocharger or 
adding a supercharger (depending on the engine), swapping out the 
factory suspension in exchange for something quite a bit stiffer (not 
full on racing suspension, but...), upgrading the intercooler to one 
with about twice the capacity, fitting it with 17" or 18" rims, grippy 
tires and, last but not least, investing in a really high quality set of 
brakes that will take you from 60 mph to a dead standstill in under 120 
feet... Lastly, may I suggest you call me up so we can arrange for a day 
at the track together.

FYI, my late 2000 model Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T is pushing 310 HP (stock 
from the factory with 170), depending on what grade of fuel I put in it. 
So, she weighs in at about 3000 lbs, all told, yielding a power to 
weight ratio of ~1:10. Just for comparison, that's similar to (actually 
a little better than) a 2000 Porshe Carrera, but for about half the 
price and twice the elegance. Not to say that the power to weight rtio 
of a car is the end of the story, but with ~300 ft lbs of torque 
compared with the Carreras' ~260... Well, you get the point.  :-)


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