[FoRK] Fw: The US Election for the Rest of The World

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Sun Mar 21 07:43:48 PST 2004

Actually, I think this whole thing started when Kim Il Jong announced
support for a Kerry presidency before this whole foreign leader thing
came about.   Kim Il Jong said he's supporting Kerry as he feels
Kerry would resume bi-lateral talks with North Korea instead of the
current multi-lateral ones that involve China, Russia, Japan, South
Korea and others.   Kim Il Jong's endorsement would be a big
embarrassment except for that fact that it happens all the time
with very little effect on policy.  The only exception I can remember
is the the Iranians supported Reagan in the 1980 elections and held
US citizens captive until the day he was sworn in.  

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	Geege wrote:
	>  one man's failure is another man's badge of distinction. though bush
	>  himself can't pronounce what he is, as a unilateralist he couldn't be
	>  happier that he's dissed by non-americans.
	>  during his campaign launch in florida, he joked about kerry getting
	>  "foreign votes." he implied terrorists or terrorist supporters
	>  would, of course, prefer kerry.
	Kinda like being called a commie-lover, without the commies.
	- Joe
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