[FoRK] can you proofread my CV/resume for me, please?

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sun Mar 21 10:01:35 PST 2004

Dear FoRKs,

I'm about to start looking for new employment. Unfortunately, my resume-fu
skillZ suck a lot.

I've whipped up something crude at http://leitl.org/cv.pdf (.html, .sxw)
and http://leitl.org/respenz.pdf (.html, .sxw).

Those of you who're used to read/write resumes/CVs, can you please give it a
cursory glance and point out any eventual no-no's I might have commited?
(Notice that this is for a local pharma/diagnostics shop, not tailored for
American/global job market).


Eugen* Leitl <a href="http://leitl.org">leitl</a>
ICBM: 48.07078, 11.61144            http://www.leitl.org
8B29F6BE: 099D 78BA 2FD3 B014 B08A  7779 75B0 2443 8B29 F6BE
http://moleculardevices.org         http://nanomachines.net
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