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The other point was, this was my summary based on hours and hours
of reading over years and years of having a keen interest in international
politics as a hobby after being introduced to it in the late 80's at the 
Global Peace and Conflict center at UCI.   
You attributing my analysis to someone else is offensvie.  I know you
have a small modicum of academic background.  At least
get your citations correct.  

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	Bush's defenders are so prolific in creating post hoc
	explanations for the war in Iraq, that it is high time
	to give these their own acronym: Yet Another War
	Explanation. Here is Gregory Alan Bolcer's (latest)
	>The intelligence goes like this.  In 1998 after the
	>monitoring stopped, our intelligence agencies (all 17 or 18 of them) came
	>to consensus that if Iraq were left to its own devices, then they would be
	>able to develop all types of WMD including a nuclear bomb within the next
	>10 years.   1998 + 4 is 40% of the way there.  The growing consensus in
	>intelligence across all of these agencies was that
	>the 9-11 attack would embolden other rogue groups and nations to jump like
	>chimps on a gorilla and that a selective pre-emptive strategy would be
	>prudent to keep from sinking into a deteriorating
	>world security where terrorism was the norm.   Despite a few dissenting
	>agencies, the consensus was running about 60% for dramatic action. ..
	The neocons who are desparate to defend the war
	in Iraq are making one of two mistakes. On the one
	hand, it's in the past.  All their fretting and retrospective
	hemming and hawing makes them look as if the act
	itself has turned them into a bunch of indecisive
	milquetoasts, like the accountant who commits murder
	and then has no idea what to do about the body. The
	deed has been done. The task now is to make the
	most of it.
	On the other hand, to the issue of Bush's duty and
	honor, the ONLY explanation that matters is the
	one he gave to Congress. Like all the other post hoc
	YAWEs, Bolcer's departs from that in important ways.
	Yes, other explanations are more accurate, more
	legitimate, more truthful. That's precisely the point.
	>I wanted you to see what real leadership is..
	No President can exercise real leadership by misleading
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