[FoRK] ECU Upgrades

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Sun Mar 21 20:34:18 PST 2004

> That's the beauty of not having to rechip it.

Beauty?  You are beer-goggling, dude.

> > Can I use my PPC unit to upgrade more than one car?
> > No, the PPC unit is "married" to the first car that is upgraded.
> > Can I use PPC with any ECU upgrades?
> > PPC can only be used with the ECU upgrades that BSR have developed ...
> > Can I custom tune the upgrade myself?
> > No, you choose one of the upgrades BSR have developed for your car.

Calling that amazing technology is
like paying to get on first, while
calling it a home run.

How far will cutting a $1000 check
get you at the local speed shop?
Seems to me they could spend half
an hour to tweak the ECU and still
have beaucoup bucks* to spare for
some further work.


* I'm guessing a universal burner
won't set them back more than $100
to $150/mo.

:: :: ::

Let's say the kit is actually worth
the 16% horsepower boost; that works
out to about 20$/hp.

Changing the dc offset on the timing
curve may be only worth a 6% boost,
but one used to be able to make that
mod with a fifty-cent socket wrench,
which, in this application, would be
about 3 cents/hp.

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