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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Thu Apr 1 13:29:55 PST 2004

As my current archive is split into two separate
2 Gig archives, plus a current 900Meg working
set, not likely to help me.


daniel grisinger wrote:

> looks like it's real.  http://www.gmail.com/ responds, and
> forbes magazine is reporting that while the lunar jobs
> were a joke, the new mail service is not.
> how they are going to manage the data storage requirements
> is beyond me.  every million users who hit their storage
> limit represent a full petabyte of data, at internet scale
> that is going to add up very quickly.
> daniel
> btw, for anybody who missed the lunar jobs announcement, it's
> at http://www.google.com/jobs/lunar_job.html
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