[FoRK] Most companies paid no taxes during the boom

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This isn't a direct response, but it the whole thread just started me thinkg.
It's all about the volume and velocity of money in the economy.  Large
corporations, while people may complain that they didn't pay any taxes,
can be a loss-making-entity but still spend hundreds of millions of dollars
into the economy.   Why would you want to restrict the machinery
even more with some artificial governors?  Profits are already taxed
above and beyond--sometimes 40%-60% or higher.  I think
when you phrase the corporate tax structure, you need to include
that part of the puzzle, not just "is 5% or less too little".  

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	Corporations don't need to pay taxes b/c there's no need to "redistribute"
	wealth at that level. Understand that this is all an income tax is: it's a
	formalized way for the government to steal money from the poor and give it
	to the rich, w/o providing any service in return. I've posted this before,
	but the Grace Commission Report that was commissioned back in the 1980s
	provides some details about this:
	The first 2/3 of the income tax is either wasted or lost. Of the remaining
	1/3, every dime of income tax goes to private lenders for interest on the
	exponentially escalating national debt. This fact was revealed by the Grace
	Commission (PPSS) in the Reagan Administration. Not one dime goes to reduce
	the national debt or run our government. Therefore, Congress must borrow
	more to pay for its ways to help the people by helping them out of their
	money. Congress does this by borrowing from the unconstitutional Fed,
	raising taxes to pay the debt to the owners of the Fed, and raiding the
	Social Security Fund, which is now missing $4 trillion. Clinton stole $10
	billion from the Social Security Fund to bomb Kosovo. That could have given
	the retired people a nice raise. Those people did not pay into Social
	Security all their lives to enable Clinton to bomb Kosovo, or to raise the
	national debt by letting Congress cook the books.
	The IRS was created the same year as the Fed. The reason was b/c the Fed
	monetary system is an inherently debt-based system of currency (this is
	probably the greatest evil of our time, and is responsible for most of the
	horrors of the 20th century). In order to have a debt-based system of
	currency, you need collateral with which to pay forward on the interest
	against the debt. The collateral is the income taxes that Americans pay
	every year. Hence, you can't have the Fed w/o the IRS, and you don't need
	the IRS if you don't have the Fed.
	The worst that's going to happen if you don't pay your income taxes is that
	you might contribute (imperceptibly) to inflation. You certainly won't be
	denying anybody any government service. The U.S. government pays for all
	services it offers through excise taxes, tarriffs and (of course) by
	borrowing more money from the Fed (i.e., deficit spending).
	Once you understand incomes taxes to be the "socialist/communist" (sorry for
	politicizing the issue, but there's really no other term for it) tool for
	redistributing wealth from poor to rich that they are (Karl Marx speaks at
	length in Communist Manifesto about how (a) a central bank and (b) income
	taxes are the two "pillars" of the communist state -- the U.S. has had both
	since 1913), it's easy to understand why corporations don't pay taxes (and
	why they never will, at least not under the current structure).
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	>With corporate tax receipts at 20-year low, the GAO takes a look through
	>the books and finds 94% of all U.S. companies paid less than 5% -- and
	>61% paid nothing at all.
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