[FoRK] Scientific Search Option, Vertical Search Engines

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Mon Apr 12 08:04:41 PDT 2004

Just for historical purposes, our Magi product had the guts of the
Altavista search engine and all the Stellent content filters and could
text index and relevancy sort 335 different types of client side content
and push the metadata in privacy protected (both personal and 
shared access and security) to a centralized search meta index bootstrapping
the whole Web, Apache/Tomcat, and two-way, cross firewall HTTP
tunneling.   It was the best of the Web, best of Web searching, and
best of P2P all wrapped up into one. 

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	> The interesting part, who's going to package a full text indexer,
	> a small crawler and UDP lossy query scatter/gather. ...
	> Being distributed in the grassroots, even though on shitty hosts like
	> DSL is an actual advantage.
	cf. Sitaker, (more on) "distributed peer-to-peer full-text web searching"
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