[FoRK] Advice needed from FoRK's world travelers

John D. Mitchell johnm-fork at non.net
Mon Apr 12 11:18:15 PDT 2004

>>>>> "Meltsner, Kenneth" <Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com> writes:

> OK, what do people think of the anti-jetlag diet stuff -- I did google 
> the archives, but found no mention of this.

Some people that I know find melatonin usage helpful.  Personally, I

One "internal" technique that I do find helpful is to do the following,
periodically, before, during, and after the flight...  While sitting
comfortably, interlace your fingers but with the fingers on the palm side
of your hands (instead of the usual way with the fingers on the outside).
Place your hands in you lap with the interlaced fingers pointing up.  You
should be able to start feeling the pulses of blood throbbing lightly
through your fingers.  Focus on relaxing and synchronizing the pulses in
your hands, your hands with your heart, and, for the advanced wackos, the
pulse throughout your body.  Once in synch I like to stay there for a few
minutes before getting back to the {movie,music,work,etc.}.

An "external" technique that I find very helpful is schedule things so that
I arrive while it's still light outside.  Go for a nice walk in the
sunlight as soon as possible.

Big bonus points for finding a grassy area and walking around barefoot.
I've heard some "reflexology" arguments about this and I don't know enough
to critique them expertly but I don't really care -- walking barefoot on
the grass just plain feels good and relaxing. :-)

Hope this helps,

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