[FoRK] Advice needed from FoRK's world travelers

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Mon Apr 12 11:54:05 PDT 2004

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, John D. Mitchell wrote:

--]>>>>> "Meltsner, Kenneth" <Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com> writes:
--]> OK, what do people think of the anti-jetlag diet stuff -- I did google
--]> the archives, but found no mention of this.
--]I've heard some "reflexology" arguments about this and I don't know enough
--]to critique them expertly but I don't really care -- walking barefoot on
--]the grass just plain feels good and relaxing. :-)

Bright lite time makes for the pinpoint flickerings stilled, but shot for
shot on the scale of lest resistance nothing says bye bye to the jet
lagtigue than a blast of the blessed Fred or in localities of
non enlightenment a very well served bottle of chimay.

Its best though if this is done before the midpoint of the flight so that
upon touchdown calling you earth bound a sense of half in the bagness will
help you thru the Stazziesque baggage reclaiming and 500 meter ground
transport dash.

All bets are off though if you should be caught ambulatory with one or
several youngling, then might I suggest simply performing a Home
Trepanation(tm) procedure before flight time, but after packing as blood
stains are hellacious to get out.

Thru it all, remember always, where you go....there you are.


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