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Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Apr 13 18:03:54 PDT 2004

1265  folders
1479035 messages
Space (some bzip2'd):
10,398,387 Kbytes

All accessble by Imap4+tls, https+Squirrelmail, and a tuned Squirrelmail 
for my Handspring Treo, which works better than you would think for that 
low resolution screen.

A lot of that are mailing lists and spam, but there is a lot of work 
there also.  I'm on my 36th 50MB mail folder for my day job after 2.5 years.

Try that, per person, with Exchange...


James Tauber wrote:

>I've been doing the same for the last two years: two folders "Sent Items"
>with 4217 messages (100MB) and "Keep" with 9024 messages (360MB).
>I wouldn't mind having a light-weight taxonomy, basically in the form of
>arbitrary attributes on email and be able to access emails with certain
>attributes via virtual folders. By the sounds of it GMail it going to
>allow something like this.
>On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 16:33:08 -0500, "Contempt for Meatheads"
><jbone at place.org> said:
>>Noticed via Boingsters...  Rael gets it.  This is the way of the future 
>>--- almost.  Back when I was using a Linux desktop rather than a Mac 
>>--- and hence was using Evolution --- I was doing essentially this.  I 
>>had a single archive of recent (i.e., current and previous quarter's 
>>stuff) messages and some scripts set up to "churn" this stuff into 
>>archive folders by quarter.  Then I had a bunch of Evo "virtual 
>>folders" (think persistent queries / filters over messages) that 
>>provided a topical folder-based view over the recent archive.  This 
>>worked pretty well --- Evo's heavy indexing was fast as hell and 
>>totally kicked ass.
>>I really think (and have maintained for some time) that static 
>>taxonomies are a poor tool for navigating information spaces.  Heavy 
>>indexing supporting search and filter is much better than navigation.  
>>A static taxonomy is a better tool for getting an idea of the shape of 
>>an information space than it is for actually organizing and using it.
>>	http://www.raelity.org/computers/internet/email/archive.html
>>A single archive of one's own #
>>| Mon 12 Apr 2004
>>I've spent an inordinate amount of time over the years acting as 
>>librarian for my mail archive, manually sorting and sifting, carefully 
>>categorizing, and lovingly tending my history in email. After spending 
>>a little time with ZOE and thinking about the single archive 
>>methodology in Gmail (don't sort, search), I'm starting an experiment 
>>today where any mail to be kept for any reason I'll be dropping into a 
>>single Archive folder and relying on full-text and 
>>To/From/Subject-based searching rather than sifting through project-, 
>>person-, or mailinglist-specific folders. I'll check back in and let 
>>you know how I get on. 
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