[FoRK] Clueless: Our Fearless Leader's Latest Jingo

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Tue Apr 13 18:18:26 PDT 2004

Bush doesn't know what Rumsfeld does?

"Secretary of State Rumsfeld?"

Mmmm-hmmm.   (Okay, okay, slip of the tongue.  Whatever.  What a 
stumble-mouthed dunderfuck anyway.)


Various things are clear after this news conference, and should be 
abundantly clear to anyone who watched it w/o rose-coloured glasses 
firmly in place.

First, this is a president totally ruled by fear and self-reinforcing 
delusion and who is surrounded by advisors who do nothing but play into 
and manipulate his fear - a president who cannot make sense of the 
world around him as it really is.  His ability to make decisions on the 
basis of reason rather than irrational emotional response is 
questionable, and he becomes agitated whenever his delusional 
world-view is questioned.  His grip on reality is so tenuous as to make 
him a danger to every living American.

Second, per the "war footing" arguments, we should be concerned at 
least somewhat about the October Surprise theories that have been 
offered.  Though indeed the Diebold angle makes things somewhat more 

Finally, this is a president that is completely out of touch with the 
American people.  From the scheduling to the repetitive and 
uninteresting and uninformative jingoistic rhetoric, this was an entire 
no-op except to piss off millions at having to listen to this 
ill-conceived "save the re-election" dreck rather than suck their usual 
Tuesday-night glass titty prime time programming.


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