[FoRK] hearts and minds, 1 year on

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Wed Apr 14 15:33:18 PDT 2004


  Azzam is driving, Ahmed in the middle directing him and me by the window,
  the visible foreigner, the passport. Something scatters across my hand,
  simultaneous with the crashing of a bullet through the ambulance, some
  plastic part dislodged, flying through the window.

  We stop, turn off the siren, keep the blue light flashing, wait, eyes on
  the silhouettes of men in US marine uniforms on the corners of the
  buildings. Several shots come. We duck, get as low as possible and I can
  see tiny red lights whipping past the window, past my head. Some, it?s
  hard to tell, are hitting the ambulance I start singing. What else do you
  do when someone?s shooting at you?


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