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Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Wed Apr 14 19:31:33 PDT 2004

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Luis Villa writes:
> Heh. At that point in time, they were busily trying to get ready to save
> the company, which for better or for worse did mean selling to
> conservative corporations used to outlook.
> Though, scrolling through your recommendations: 
> * threading has been around since at least when I started using evo
> (oct-nov. 2000?)
> * colorization since 2002? (I think evo 1.2, not sure.)
> * no saved_as_context, but there are arbitrary labels you can apply to
> the mails (each color is associated with such a label, so colorization
> and the label are associated.) You can then vfolder on the label. So
> easy enough to do that. I think also a 1.2 feature.
> * no retitling.
> * I think someone has done the email->todo for the upcoming evo 2.0,
> though not sure.

Hmm, current Evo does look quite nice ;)

BTW, Luis -- do you know if it's possible to bind a keypress to "move mail
into folder X", where "X" is preselected in the keybinding, rather than
selected from a menu at keypress time?  

KMail and ExMH both allow this, and it's a killer feature I rely on...
(investigating a switch ;)

- --j.
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