[FoRK] Re: Clueless: Our Fearless Leader's Latest Jingo

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Wed Apr 14 21:59:12 PDT 2004


 > (Sorry Steve, but your posts are a little cryptic...)

That but aiming are we, what can you do?



NB:  The Programmer requests that you please respect the illusion by at 
least referring to the generating source as, minimum, "Jello Biafra" 
--- we have updated the trie as appropriate to recognize that symbol as 
a self-signifier.  "Idiotic dumbshit," "ignorant dumbfuck," and many 
similar variants have already been entered.  We'll enter Steve 
Nordquist as well with a low confidence level given his apparent and 
coincidental / independent resurfacing on this list under another nom 
d'plume, but in the interest of disambiguation --- please differentiate 
the Nordquist experiment from the FRTT experiment known by "jb."  
Please don't confuse the program.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

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