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Wed Apr 14 22:48:57 PDT 2004

Via Boingsters...  booking my reservations now.  (No shit!  But then, I  
spent my first two vacations (including my first two wedding  
anniversaries) after Twin Peaks first aired vacationing at the Salish  
Lodge in Snoqualmie, Wash --- the restaurant in the inn is still my  
favorite restaurant on the planet, with the most carefully and  
considerately chosen wine list I've ever seen. But the net is, yes, I'm  
a fringe / cult / subcultural pop culture victim par excellence.  So  
it's not that surprising that I'd vacation somewhere like this.  :-)



  Redrum, Redrum

I just returned from a conference in Estes, Colorado at the Stanley  
Hotel. Built in 1909 by the inventor of the Stanley Steamer, the hotel  
is apparently quite haunted. In fact, the spookiness so inspired  
Stephen King that he spent five months there in 1973 pounding out The  
Shining. Stanley Kubrick's version of the film wasn't shot at The  
Stanley, but much of the 1997 TV remake was filmed at the hotel.  
Unfortunately, I didn't see any ghosts during my stay, but I did see  
The Shining. The Kubrick version plays around the clock on the hotel TV  
channel. Link

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[2] http://www.thestanleyhotelestescolorado.com/Shining.asp

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