[FoRK] More mail search madness

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Thu Apr 15 09:22:15 PDT 2004

--]I'm playing with Zoe (http://www.zoe.nu) again, but I can't remember how
--]I got around zoe spidering my IMAP server's entire file system. I'm
--]using UW-IMAP, and there doesn't seem to be a way to tell zoe to adhere
--]to a mail directory prefix. I should look at one of the other IMAP
--]servers, but I've used UW-IMAP for so long and don't want to switch to
--]maildirs...  :(
Zoe has a nice rougharoundtheedges feel, something I like as it allows you
to see the growth into rocksolidness.

Hope this helps.


"Note to IMAP Users
Note that for IMAP servers, you can restrict fetching to a given inbox by
suffixing the IMAP server's hostname with a slash followed by the inbox


This may alleviate the problem of having Zo crawl up to your root
directory on some IMAP servers (and therefore indexing your whole server

Introduced in version 0.4.9, another more flexible way of restricting
which IMAP folders to fetch is as follows:

Create a plain text file named user at host.properties under
$ZOEDIR/Library/SZ/Configurations/Default/. For example, if your IMAP user
name is joe and your IMAP server hostname is mail.bloggs.com, the file
name would be named this: joe at mail.bloggs.com.properties.

In this file, list the folders you are interested, one per line:


Escape Rules from
apply (e.g. space in a folder name ` ` gets `\ `).

Only the IMAP folders listed will be considered instead of trying to
"discover" everything that your server has. Those folders will still be
recursed through and their children folders, subchildren etc. will also be

escape a
space with a slash, like so '\ '"

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