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Jim Whitehead ejw at
Thu Apr 15 09:37:24 PDT 2004

> Does anyone here use the Bloomba email client?

Yes, I do. In the office next to mine sits Raymie Stata (the Stata in Stata Labs).

I've been using it for a few months now, and overall I like the experience.

* Very fast, accurate email searching
* Sophisticated email sorting rules
* Integration with SAProxy, allowing learning of Spam emails by flagging
  email as spam
* Integration of RSS feeds
* No more worries about Outlook email viruses

* Memory intensive -- you need a modern machine for large email volumes, 1Gig RAM minimum. My circa 2000 T21 laptop is swapping like crazy.
* UI not as polished as Outlook (Outlook folder bar is more useful than Bloomba's folder tree), Outlook's UI consumes less screen real estate than Bloomba's (primarily due to overly large button bar on main screen)
* UI is less responsive than Outlook -- perhaps because of use of filesystem, operations like delete have squishy, not crisp response. Could be due to low RAM on my machine.
* Spam learning not as fast as I'd like (probably lots of deep technical issues here, but still, how many times does a subject line have to include V. I. C. ... to be learned as spam?)

>  For some reason, it would never actually delete messages 
> I told it to delete.

According to Raymie, this is an intentional design choice -- I forget the reason why. I'd certainly prefer to have a "Expunge Deleted Files" option as well. 

- Jim

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