[FoRK] Mambo Port Rocking

TomWsmf tom at wsmf.org
Thu Apr 15 10:06:18 PDT 2004

buz buzz buzz port knocking buzz buzz buzz
Yea yea so the idea has been around plenty long enough and its just begining to creep up into the lumpen implimentation stage.

So last night I took the kids out to the local nickle arcade, real nickles and real games(google up for the avalon in portland, walking distnace from my abode). Many of the games are right off the boat from the land of the rising fun without so much as a translation. One game I was drawn to..

DDR move over, this Mambo somethign something ...the controler looks like three big bongos you have to hit when the notes hit the line (ddr style). Some of the songs....amazing. Mambo Kings track rock my lilly white ass, which when you realize Ben was perched on my back in his shouldered charriot makes the image all the more urreal.

So as Im playing I think, well here is a great idea that needs to meet up with the port knocking meme...Mambo Port Rocking...

Soon only Tito Puentesque level user will be able to get into my server...



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