[FoRK] IMF: U.S. deficits threaten world finance

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Thu Apr 15 12:35:42 PDT 2004

jbone at place.org wrote:
> So not only are we the biggest threat to world peace under this 
> misadministration --- we are also a serious threat to global economic 
> stability due to the fiscal irresponsibility of these borrow-and-spend 
> Big Government (Faux) "Conservatives." (I choke every time I have to 
> use that word to describe these idiots.)

The irony is that this is only a "threat" because much of the rest of
Europe and others are in even worse shape fiscally.

Rough translation:

"Our economies suck ass due to rampant government mismanagement and
fiscal irresponsibility, so we are counting on you, the United States,
to prop up the world economy."

If the US is a "threat", then most of the other countries in the IMF are
a felony in progress.  This is the whining of welfare queens fearing
that they'll be forced to deal with the hard realities of their own
domestic economies sooner than they'd like.  It would certainly be very
bad if the US continues on its current fiscally irresponsible path, but
there aren't very many countries who are in a position to be lecturing
on fiscal responsibility.

Rather than bitching about the way the US runs its economy, good or bad,
they should spend more time on the disasters in their own backyards,
which they have been ignoring and continue to ignore.

j. andrew rogers

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