[FoRK] Director of National Intelligence

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Fri Apr 16 09:19:28 PDT 2004

Ugh.  It's headed downhill.

When they start attaching Republican "political officers" and  
propaganda agents to military deployments, you'll know it's game over,  
we have seen the Soviets and they are us.  Um, waitasec...


Via jrobb:


  NYT.  [1] Wow.  The White House is looking at a director of national  
intelligence...  The reason this is a hot issue:  intelligence is at  
the heart of the war on terrorism.  It stands on its head the old  
formula for addressing threats which was 10% intelligence and 90%  
operations.  Operational dominance pervades all aspects of the current  
government security structure.  Fixing that, and it needs to be done,  
will take much more than random tweaks to the system.  Of course, with  
Iraq in the foreground it may be impossible to make this shift.
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