[FoRK] RedHerring 200 finalists announced

Mike Masnick mike at techdirt.com
Mon Apr 26 22:26:19 PDT 2004

At 10:05 PM 4/26/2004 -0700, J.Andrew Rogers wrote:

>On Apr 26, 2004, at 9:32 PM, Rohit Khare wrote:
>>Somehow, I'm less confident that we'll be one of the 100 at this point, 
>>since they'll probably give one of the spots to "Knowhow" instead :-) :-)
>Ouch.  I know enough about some of these companies to know that they are 
>empty suit posers and that their "real deal" competitors aren't on this 
>list.  There are some good companies listed here, but from the list 
>provided, at least insofar as I am familiar with the internals and 
>finances of some of these companies, the selection appears to be almost 
>random and with no real filter applied for quality.

I'd second that.  I actually laughed out loud at some of the companies 
named on the list, some of whom appear to have made it based solely on 
their ability to have hired a good PR person, and clearly not having 
anything to do with their ability to actually build a sustainable (or even 
investor worthy - since I assume that's what this list is for) company.


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