[FoRK] Not so free expression, or, Dis Art Ist Verboten!

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Tue Apr 27 11:32:26 PDT 2004

Via Boingsters:


Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Secret Service interrogate 15-year-old for making forbidden art
A teenager drew some anti-war posters that were critical of Bush's  
policies, and his art teacher alerted school administrators, who in  
turn called the police. The cops went to the feds, and the Secret  
Service questioned the boy about his art.
The drawing that drew the most attention showed a man in what appeared  
to be Middle Eastern-style clothing, holding a rifle. He also was  
holding a stick with the oversize head of President Bush on it. The  
student said the head was enlarged because it was intended to be an  
effigy, Cravens said. The caption called for an end to the war in Iraq.  
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