[FoRK] Funny or infuriating? The Arrogance of the Shrub

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue Apr 27 14:27:54 PDT 2004

Luis Villa wrote:

>Can you say 'blowing things out of proportion' boys and girls? I knew
>you could.
Mmm... perhaps, see below.

>I'm not alone in thinking this demonstrates way more about the poster
>than the president, right?
Definitely, however...

I certainly wouldn't do that (to a stranger, at least, but in the 
interest of practical tomfoolery with ones own mates, well... almost 
anything goes!). Further, to allow ones self to be caught on film doing 
such a thing does display a certain amount of ignorance and lack of 
class. Finally, what sort of PUBLIC behavior should one be able to 
expect from the President? Granted, he wasn't wiping his glasses off 
with the lapel of a foreign dignitary but why should the standards of 
conduct be any different for a 'commoner'? Opinions may vary on what 
type of behavior we should be able to expect from someone in that 
position, but I think this sort of thing falls well below the mark for 
most people.

So, blowing it out of proportion? Yes. Is Bush a classless ignoramous? 
Clearly. Personally I think all the cocaine damaged his decision making 
skills... Maybe we should all feel sorry for him? Sorry, no.


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