[FoRK] [Fwd: HP Releases New RPN Scientific Calculator]

Sandor Spruit sandor at cs.uu.nl
Wed Apr 28 01:00:43 PDT 2004

Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Finally. This thing was supposed to be out months ago...

Wow, cool! Didn't know these things were still on the market! I just 
love RPN and four registers to play with.

As the proud owner of a HP42s, I had to use Google to dig-up clues as to 
how to revive the thing, some months ago. Its permanent memory is not so 
permanent when the batteries are really down and out :( The thing would 
not "boot" anymore, and no ctrl/alt/delete available :)

It turned out I had to short-circuit the clips that hold the batteries 
or something, then replace the batteries. An obscure trick that revived 
my trusted calculator even after several years of silence ...

Browsing through the HP museum, I learned that the 42s is one of the 
most succesful, most appreciated calculators HP has produced. They've 
just stopped making it in Brazil, only a couple of years ago.

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