[FoRK] Jrobb -> John smart on accelerating change / singularity economics

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Wed Apr 28 14:54:47 PDT 2004

Via Jrobb:


Very cool.  US News interviewed my friend John Smart who is the 
President of the Institute of Accelerating Change (I helped to co-found 

People who think genetic engineering and biotechnology are going to 
have accelerating affects on human and social complexity are also 
entirely mistaken. Almost every single futurist I've talked to who 
advocates this simply doesn't understand the massive limitations to 
using our "top down" interventionist technologies on something as 
intricate, interdependent, and "bottom up" developed as a biological 

BTW:  Here is a large presentation (PPT) on Singularity Economics (in 
my view the slides are too busy for a good presentation, but they make 
it more interesting if viewed as an outline).


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