[FoRK] Syndic8's even in the Jerusalem Post?! :-)

Rohit Khare rohit at ics.uci.edu
Thu Apr 29 10:47:59 PDT 2004

Congrats, Jeff! --

> Syndic8 (http://www.syndic8.com) is to RSS feeds as Google is to Web  
> pages. Syndic8's authors have compiled links to just about every RSS  
> feed out there, and have created hundreds themselves, all nicely laid  
> out in clear categories (they use the DMOZ system, as does Google).  
> NewzSpider's File menu supplies a search link for Syndic8's.search, so  
> you can search for a feed using a key word (the Syndic8 site also has  
> a search engine).
> Each feed has its own numerical ID, and if you know the number, you  
> can search for a feed using that, too. Some of the feeds direct you to  
> open a html Web page, and NewzSpider has its own browser that displays  
> articles you link to from the program.

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