[FoRK] Carbon-50 makes its debut

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Thu Apr 29 12:44:51 PDT 2004

Not as slick as that non-wet liquid stuff that was flowing around last 
week, but...  (arg, tortured puns, stop, stop!)


Carbon-50 makes its debut
29 April 2004

Physical chemists in China have made carbon-50 molecules in the solid 
state for the first time. Lan-Sun Zheng and colleagues at Xiamen 
University, and co-workers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 
Beijing and Wuhan, prepared the molecules - which they describe as a 
long sought little sister of carbon-60 - in an arc-discharge technique 
involving chlorine. The result will allow scientists to study the 
properties of carbon-50 with a view to exploiting its unusual 
properties. The method developed by the Chinese team also opens the way 
to making other small, cage-like carbon molecules or "fullerenes" (S-Y 
Xie et al. 2004 Science 304 699).

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