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Thu Apr 29 13:06:23 PDT 2004

Nice bits.  Via >Htech, from s-t, from Dave Long:

From: Dave Long <dl at silcom.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 11:49:49 -0700
To: silent-tristero at world.std.com
Subject: Re: [s-t] too cheap to meet her digest #5
Reply-To: Dave Long <dl at silcom.com>

> I'm reminded of Purcell's ``Sir Walter Enjoying His Damsel One
> Night.''

That kind of song (where each verse,
taken on its own, may be pure as the
driven snow, but when sung in rounds
the alternating lyric's collectively
obscene) has slight parallels with a
Mad fold-in, and strong parallels to
Jane Jacob's argument in _Systems of
Survival_.  She claims there are two
necessary, and internally consistent,
ethical systems, but the combination
of the two leads to no good.


:: :: ::

Commercial Moral Syndrome
Shun force, come to voluntary agreements, be honest, collaborate
easily with strangers and aliens, compete, respect contracts, use
initiative and enterprise, be open to inventiveness and novelty, be
efficient, promote comfort and convenience, dissent for the sake of
the task, invest for productive purposes, be industrious, be
thrifty, be optimistic

Guardian Moral Syndrome
Shun trading, exert prowess, be obedient and disciplined, adhere to
tradition, respect hierarchy, be loyal, take vengeance, deceive for
the sake of the task, make rich use of leisure, be ostentatious,
dispense largesse, be exclusive, show fortitude, be fatalistic,
treasure honor

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