[FoRK] Re: Howtoons gets press, if only from MIT's own magazine

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Fri Apr 30 17:10:44 PDT 2004

> This is exactly why I just bought a MIG welder and am in the
> market for some more metal working equipment (mill, bandsaw,
> etc). My boys (14 and 18) both want to quote "make things", 
> and I'll be happy to learn alongside them.

A few months ago we were having a
discussion of 3-D prototyping on
FoRK; in the meantime, my wife's
discovered that the combination of
a MIG + plasma cutter + brake goes
a long way into turning those 3-D
design problems into 2-D ones. (we
went out for Thai a day or two ago
and noticed that restaurants seem
to use the same 20 lb. CO2 bottles
that we do.  I wonder how much the
local Bud distributor charges for

If your son ever gets off-road, it
might be handy to mess around some
with stick welding.  It's a manual,
heavy-duty, variant on a fluxcore
wirefeed, and basically takes 36V,
so in an emergency, a limp-home fix
is possible with just rod, jumper
cables, and a series of batteries.
(battery of batteries?)


:: :: ::

I imagine your sons probably have
much better career prospects, but
one thing I've noticed: it may be
possible to produce sub-assemblies
in China and ship them over, but
until we get structures delivered
direct-to-site by zeppelin, there
will be a call for people to weld
together the truckload-size parts.

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