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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
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Now online in full text.


The safety, effectiveness, and utility of medical nanorobotic devices will
critically depend upon their biocompatibility with human organs, tissues,
cells, and biochemical systems. In this second Volume of the Nanomedicine
technical book series, we broaden the definition of nanomedical
biocompatibility to include all of the mechanical, physiological,
immunological, cytological, and biochemical responses of the human body to
the introduction of artificial medical nanodevices, whether .particulate.
(large doses of independent micron-sized individual nanorobots) or .bulk.
(nanorobotic organs assembled either as solid objects or built up from
trillions of smaller artificial cells or docked nanorobots inside the body)
in form.

Also available via Amazon & Co in hardcopy, of course:


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