[FoRK] Nerve

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Mon May 3 10:26:26 PDT 2004

Greg said:

> I have no agreement with Jeff other than <blah blah blah>

In fact Greg has on *many* occasions agreed to halt the unprovoked 
attacks, to raise the bar, etc. in deference to the pleas of many on 
the list, me included.  Most recently on the 8th of April, Greg and I 
had this exchange off list after I appealed to Rohit to have a word 
with his buddy:

> Hi Jeff--agreed.
> Greg
> Jeff Bone wrote:
> > Greg, I've really had it with the unprovoked attacks.
> > Please stop.  Perhaps you and I will never see eye to
> > eye, but there's absolutely no margin --- no benefit,
> > high costs --- in this kind of bullshit.  It's no
> > longer amusing, it's no longer interesting, and it's
> > annoying the fuck out of everyone.  There's no point.
> > You're not going to run me off the list, and I have no
> > desire to run you off the list or "take you down" in
> > any fashion.
> >
> > It's rather embarrassing that an appeal to Ro might be
> > necessary to curb your juvenile behavior.
> >
> > If you will simply stop the unprovoked attacks then
> > all will be goodness and light, no doubt.

Perhaps I misunderstood this as an agreement to stop the unprovoked 
attacks.  (Aside:  we can bicker about what constitutes an attack or 
provocation or proportional response, but the bottom line is that at 
this point Greg's gnawed my ankles so thoroughly for so long that I 
don't really care.)  At a minimum the above appears to be an 
acknowledgement by Bolcer that the unprovoked attacks are pointless and 
annoying, so by engaging me in the usual manner Greg is engaging in 
behavior that he has already agreed is pointless and annoying.

So, Greg, since you're trying to dodge, let's just put it on the table, 
shall we:  I will agree to never even address you or respond to you 
again on the sole condition that you agree to exercise similar 
self-restraint and honor such an agreement.  Can you do that?  The good 
people of this list would no doubt certainly love to see you and I shut 
the fuck up about each other.  If I can't nail you down to an agreement 
in private, maybe I can do so publicly.


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