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Jeffrey Kay jeff at
Mon May 3 12:27:09 PDT 2004

No problem answering questions, regardless.  There's nothing to hide here
really.  Novell's iFolder is a lot like Apple's iDisk -- central server to
hold data files which are then synced to users as they connect.  We're more
p2p than that -- the relays (, for example) is a store and
forward node, so it doesn't get to see any of the files or messages passing
through.  You don't have to trust it much, really, since it can't read any
of the data or even really know what it's sending (of course it can identify
senders and recipients and the amount of data passing between them, but
that's it really). 

In addition, the software includes IM, group conversation, direct file
transfer between users, and screen sharing.  I've got more coming, stuff
that's even more interesting than that set of functionality.  (Of course, if
I could hire a developer or two to help me, I might be able to get some
sleep in the process.)

The Linux build is for GTK.  It was all built using wxWidgets, with a few
hundred ifdefs in the code for where wx doesn't quite fit the bill.

-- jeff

On 5/3/04 3:12 PM, "Luis Villa" <louie at> wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 15:04 -0400, Jeffrey Kay wrote:
>> Thought I'd test out the social network :-)
>> I'm looking for a junior to mid-level software developer with C++ skills,
>> preferably on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux).  No relocations
>> -- must be in the DC area.  Must have a degree in CS or related.  Tasks
>> include everything from software development to documentation to testing.
>> I'm also looking for a product marketing professional who can help out with
>> collateral, web site, community development, and the like.  Must have a
>> degree in a related area.  Again, no relocations -- must be in the DC area.
>> Details about the company are at
> Curious, Jeff- the Linux version- is that gtkmm?
> I'm also curious how this compares to Novell's iFolder, but you should
> feel free to pass on answering that question since it comes from me :)
> Luis

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